Traveling out of Montepulciano on a Sunday?


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I’m reading different online information that say no buses travel out of Montepulciano on Sundays, but I’m also finding what I think are bus time tables that show there indeed may be a few select buses leaving Sundays, specifically for late April. Does anybody know where I can go to truly validate this? It will obviously play into whether we stay in Montepulciano an extra night or not. Thanks!


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In most cases, public transport runs EVERY DAY (even major holidays BUT only with a much-reduced schedule). You may not be finding transport because of the location ?

Where are you trying to go?

In any case, you may not be finding time schedules for April only because it is too far in advance, in this case, places like Google maps will not propose any times until the system is updated. But I have found buses that run from Montepulciano to Chiusi on Sundays (not too many) and from Chiusi, you can catch trains to many destinations.

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Thank you for the reply. I'm looking to get from Montepulciano to Orvieto on a Sunday, through Chiusi. Sounds like there will be at least a few options, which I can work with. I may need to get closer to the dates to firm up schedule, but at least allows me to book rooms, etc. Thanks!