Travelling with a 2 year old


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I will be attending a wedding with my husband n two yr old son at the end of next month in Tuscany.
We will arrive in Florence a couple of days before the wedding n intend to rent a car and drive to the wedding venue. Can u suggest some places we could visit or are there some cities that are more child friendly than others?

Also, regarding car rentals, are child seats available for rental too?

Tks for your help!


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Ciao Thelmis!

Definitely child seats are available for rent at car rental places, usually as a special service with extra cost. They are required by law. Some agencies might not have any available so make sure to request it (and size) at the time you book.
A quick search showed that cost can range from 40-70 euros for a week, so there must be a daily rate. I checked Hertz, and Maggiore car rentals for example (Maggiore is National and Alamo's partner in Italy).

As for child-friendly places, I think Italy is one of the most friendly toward all children. Of course with a 2 year old you'll have to adapt to your child's needs as you visit Florence and any other cities. I'd probably mostly stick to short visits in each place, lots of breaks where your child can have a chance to move around on his own. You can't be out all day so definitely look into staying centrally in Florence during your first few days so that you can go back to your hotel/B&B often. You definitely don't want to rent a car while in Florence city. If you instead stay outside Florence, then yes get the car as soon as you arrive and then do day trips. Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Colle Val d'Elsa, Monteriggioni, Pisa and Lucca are just a few of the tops cities recommended. If you pick a central place to be at (such as the Palazzo Malaspina in San Donato), all are possible day trips.

Hope this is useful, do let us know if you have any other questions.