Tuscan Coastline

donovan White

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I'd like to travel the Tuscan Coastline and possibly use Florence as my base. My Wife and I will have a week to travel so whilst we would like to see as much as possible I also don't want to rush.
We have previously visited Rome, Florence and Venice but have not travelled the coastline. Which coastal towns and beaches would you suggest we visit?


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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If you're interested in the coast, then I wouldn't use Florence as a base. It is still about an hour drive from Florence just straight west to Pisa and the further south you go - let's say to Maremma - the longer the drive there and back is. This way you certainly avoid the feeling of being in a rush.

The better alternative is to rent a car for the week and then stay along the coast, maybe a few days further north between Viareggio/Pisa/Livorno and another 3-4 days further south between Follonica and Orbetello to explore Maremma.

When are you coming, like what month or season? Because another option would be to make your way to Elba island and spent at least 4 days there, it is quite stupendous -- but we avoid it in high summer months when it can get crowded. We prefer going in May and September ;-).