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Hello everyone, my husband and I are planning a trip to Tuscany in September14, and would greatly appreciate some advices from our experts here.

Our priority is to enjoy Florence and Chianti, and wonder which is the most efficient itinerary with 6 nights.

We will be going north from Rome via train. After Rome, should we stay at Chianti then go to Florence ?

We would like to explore the gourmet side of Chianti, would love to stay more time, maybe 2 nights?, (instead of a 1 day trip) in Chianti. We would love to stay at a B&B / farmhouse with nice landscape view. Is it possible without a transport hire? Any recommendations for vineyard or gourmet tours etc? There are many 1 day tour originating from Florence. Any farmhouse offer a good guide as well?

Welcome any suggestions and feedback! Many many thanks in advance.


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Ciao Yvette,

You can't really do Tuscany by train as you come up from Rome - it is beautiful vineyard country and luckily the train tracks don't go right through it! So you'll need to consider train to Florence, then car rental... or, as you've seen, go on a tour from Florence (or Siena) into Chianti. There are also car rentals with driver, where they can drive you down into Chianti and then take you around - of course, it gets more expensive as it is a private service.

As far as the B&B + other services, I'd recommend:
Villa Poggio di Gaville - since it is run by a chef. You could do cooking lessons directly there, as well as enjoy great dinners.
Villa il Poggiale - if you stay with them, they can organize the gourmet tours for you - take a look at their site, since they specifically mention everything you're interested in.

Additional great places to stay at:
Casolare di Libbiano - http://www.tuscanyaccommodation.com/casolare-di-libbiano.html
Borgo della Meliana - http://www.tuscanyaccommodation.com/borgo-della-meliana.html
Palazzo Malaspina - http://www.tuscanyaccommodation.com/palazzo-malaspina.html

If you're going to dedicate 6 days between Florence and Chianti, I'd do 3 days in Florence and 3 days outside in the countryside. You can rent a car from Florence - read our tips here:


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6 night is in Tuscany

I would suggest that you do Florence first, since you will be arriving by train and then plan your time in Chianti.

Remember many places to visit are closed on Monday - so if you are interested in seeing something be sure to book ahead so you don't fret about losing out and so you don't waste time standing in line.

Buon Viaggio!