Tuscany 9 days - advice where to go / stay and what to do!


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We are 4 adults looking to spend 7-9 days in Tuscany arriving in Pisa 17th June and intend to rent a car. Would we be better staying at one base or two, we would like to see Sienna, San Gimignano, Lucca, Florence and anywhere else that could be recommended. We are totally open to where we go to be honest......would we be better staying in self catering or perhaps hotels / Agrotourismo would like a pool and air conditioning. Ideally would like to stay somewhere not too remote so that we can dine out at night Really don't know where to start, how far things are from each other and how much we could see in the time we have so any help would be much appreciated!!

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Staying in Tuscany


I am going to assume you will be here for 9 days :cool:

3 nights in the San Gimignano area (Il Borghetto is a favorite of mine)

3 nights in Val d'orcia

2 nights in Florence
and your last night in Pisa (so you can spend the day in either Lucca or Pisa)

You would want a car from Pisa to Florence and then while in Florence / Pisa you can your public transport to get around and save on car rental.

These areas will give you a broad overview of Tuscany and though they are popular areas, trust me when I say you can always find some little place off the beaten track!

Buon Viaggio,

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