Tuscany in February

David Fox

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My wife and I are coming to visit our daughter who is studying art history abroad in Florence. We arrive on Feb 12 after meeting her for a weekend in London.

Our general plan is 3 days in Florence, 3 days traveling to Pisa and the Cinque Terre, another 2-3 days in/around Florence, then 2-3 days in Rome before departure. Our thoughts are to tour with our daughter on the first 3 days, rent a car for the west coast swing and perhaps for some day trips during the second Florence stop, and get a guide when in Rome (no car).

What is your first impression of our plan? When does a guide make the most sense? Will we ever really want a car? I saw the three day Florence tour plan that you laid out and it seems reasonable. Our daughter has spent at least some time visiting many of the locals that you list at least once. We are starting out in an apartment near the Uffizi for the first 4 nights.

The Firenze Card seems to be about a break even proposition financially, and will wait till we are there to make a final determination. We were not sure how bad lines would be this time of year. Speaking of time of year, how do you think the weather will impact our plans given the Feb 12-23 itinerary?


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Buongiorno -

I would like to apologise that we didn't see your email until now, I hope that we are still in time to give you some useful info.

First off - February weather is cold, be prepared. And we have been getting quite a bit of rain lately, but that doesn't mean that it will be bad. (just a bit wet!)

Your calendar looks excellent and well thought out. In February I suggest spending really just one day in Cinque Terre. If the weather is nice then do a boat ride - actually this might be a good place to do a guided tour. My colleagues did one in April (you can read the review here)

You can spend a full day exploring Pisa - most people don't but it is a great place. And you can get there with the train.

You can also spend a full day exploring Lucca...another great place.

From Florence (if you want to avoid getting a car) you could also look into a guided tour for wine in Chianti, a train trip to Prato, Pistoia or Arezzo...all are fantastic options.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise