Tuscany in one day tour - suitable for kids?


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I am interested in the 'Tuscany in 1 Day' tour. We have two children (5 and 9 years), would this tour be suitable for them?


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Since I have a 5 year old, in my personal opinion, the 12 hour day would be too long on her and would wear both of us out if I had to hear her complain about it. It is a physically tiring day since you do have a lot of time of the bus in between stops but it is long. For that reason, I think the 9 year old might handle it better.

Also consider the 9 year old can climb the leaning tower of Pisa (super cool!) but the 5 year old can't.

If you can, I would suggest two half day trips such as these two:

(although Pisa you can also do on your own with train from Florence).