Tuscany on Scooter for one day!


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Hi Guys,

I and my wife are planning to go to Italy for the first time and are starting our journey in Rome. Our next major stop is Venice but on the way we would like to spend 1 or 2 days in fabulous Tuscany on scooter. As a result can you please help with the following:

1. Itinerary: I think we will rent scooter in Chanti and would like to avoid major roads because of cars. Can you please suggest suitable roads for scooter with beautiful scenery?

2. Must see places reachable by scooter?

Is it practical to travel to Pisa from Greve in Chanti?

3. What activities? I.e. Winery tours, cookery lessons, please advise on prices too.

4. Beaches. Is it practical to go to the coastline from Greve in Chanti?

What and where are the best beaches in Tuscany? Any beautiful coastline villages?

Any suggestions and comments are welcome.
Many thanks!


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Hello there Tommy!

I'm slowing going through and replying to all those still needing some ideas... sorry if it took a while to get back to you!

First, it sounds like a great itinerary in Italy but just 2 days in Tuscany? Too little: you need more time! ;)

You have several options - you can base yourself in Florence or Siena and take a vespa tour into Chianti such as one of these to fit in the chance to see Chianti, the scooter AND wine tasting!

They are great options because you don't have to worry about some of the logistics of renting a scooter (see this older thread for some things to keep in mind, particularly distances ).

It isn't very practical to consider going from Chianti to Pisa or to the coast by scooter... those things are small and not that fast.... and distances start to count. Unless you rent something that has a lot of power that makes it more like a motorcycle, but then it will be a different experience. I'd concentrate on staying centrally in Florence and maybe doing the scooter tour and a cooking class too - how about one with these ladies, Ginny and Fiamma? They have classes in Florence at their homes... or a group one such as one of the ones offered here: http://www.partner.viator.com/en/8357/travel-tips/Cooking-Classes-in-Tuscany-Florence/ttd