Tuscany or Amalfi Coast for two week villa rental


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My wife and I are planning a 25th wedding anniversary trip to Italy the last week in Sept and the first week in Oct.. We would like to rent a villa to accommodate 12-16 people( we will be inviting several couples to stay with us during the two weeks)with a pool in either Tuscany or Amalfi Coast.

1. Do you recommend Tuscany or Amalfi coast this time of year? (e.g. is weather better in Amafi coast or is it fine in both places)
2. If Tuscany is there a great location to operate out of where we could either hang out or do day trips to surrounding towns/cities/sites?
3. Any recommendations of villas with pool and vistas in either region?
4. Any car rental recommendations?



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Tuscany - absolutely

Buongiorno -

Tuscany!! But of course I would say that :eek:

Actually the weather maybe warmer at the Amalfi Coast - but there is so much more to do in Tuscany :p and truth be told the last week of Spetember/beginning of October can really still be a beautiful time of the year - the colors and perfumes of the countryside are great.

Starting with the vendemmia (the grape harvest), all the great little towns - and just think of the museums, architecture, history and culture at places like Florence and Siena!

If you are 12 persons - then I would check out: Villa Vianci it is a beautiful home, great panormaic position, the owners are fabulous and you are in the middle of Chianti.

However if you are more then you could look at Villa Leoni (divided into apartments but always rented as one structure) or another personal favorite, Villa Ulignano - the scenery is sppectacular as is the villa.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise