Tuscany to Naples via Train?

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Hi, great site - thank you for all the information. It is very helpful.
We are arriving in Florence Train station, renting a car and driving out to San G where we are staying. When we leave we will be heading to Positano. We were thinking we would drive back to Florence, return car and take Train to Naples and then hire a driver. BUT I realized that going back to Florence is in the opposite direction of where we are going. Is there a better place to drive to to get a train to Naples and return the rental car?

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You're right, it is in the "opposite" direction but taking the train out of Florence, one of the main hubs in Italy, makes it possible for you to catch a fast train to Naples from Florence and not have to deal with any regional trains, which is what would happen if you return the car to smaller towns south of SG - slower trains that would still require you to get to Rome and change to a faster train there. So in this case, it actually makes sense to drop off in Florence and catch one of the Freccie trains to Naples which only stops in Rome and that's it.

Otherwise, the alternative is regional, slower trains until Rome, it makes the travel for the day take longer -- or drive down to Rome and catch the train from there.