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My wife and I planning to trip major tuscany cities.

1- We want to trip Pisa and Lucca in one day from Florence. But I can't decide which one I go first? Pisa and then Lucca and then Florence or Lucca and then Pisa and then Florence?

2- We want to trip Siena and SG in one day from Florence. Is it possible? If is it possible which one I go first? Siena and then SG or SG and then Siena?

3- We want to trip in April or May. We can't decide. Which month is cheapest and less crowded other then?

Sorry my bad english.

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Ciao Obirpinar,

Don't worry, your english is fine! I'll go down your list of questions to make sure I get them all....

1. doesn't matter which one you do first, since both Lucca and Pisa are close to each other and connected by rail... and then both connect back to Florence. So you can do Lucca in the morning, then move on to Pisa in the afternoon and then head back to Florence by the evening.

2. Yes, you can do both Siena and San Gimignano on the same day - I'd go to SG first since it is smaller, then from there catch the 131 bus to Siena. You can read info on getting to SG first here.

3. April and May are both good months to visit. April should be less crowded except for the entire week of Easter - next year it falls on April 20th and April 25th is also an Italian holiday so between the two holidays, lots of people will take time off. May 1 is also a holiday so if people can, they make it a long weekend and go off somewhere. So aside from those dates, May will obviously be a bit warmer and maybe a little less wet, but the weather is something you can't always depend on ;-) So you decide based on when you can make it, either month should be good for being in Florence and doing day trips across Tuscany.

If you have any other questions, feel free to post!