Tuscany Winery Map


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My wife and I are visiting Tuscany (staying in Siena) for several days in early July and would like to visit some local wineries for tastings and to bring back some good Italian Reds.

Does anyone have a good Winery Map of the Tuscany regions, specifically the Chianti region?


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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I've actually never seen a winery map of the smaller wine regions within Tuscany, let alone an entire one for Tuscany.

There are simply too many producers and not sure you could fit all of them without unknowingly leaving someone out.

I suggest concentrating on an area of Chianti even then - like Castellina or Radda and going to the local tourism office and getting lists of nearby wineries that are recommended. For example, if you're exploring on a Sunday, they generally will know which ones are open on Sundays or the weekend.