Tuscany with Children


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Our family will be staying just outside Florence from Aug 25-Aug 29. What are some fun activities to do with kids (ages 12 and 14)?


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Fun things for kids

I have been recently researching for an article though the article is not ready I can share three things with you:

Horse back riding in Lucca - not as expensive as I had thought and a fun afternoon. You can check out this link for more info. I used the link below and enjoyed the trip, the horses and the service.

I also visited Lago Massaciuccoli...I know, the name is a mouthful even for the Italians. It is a great mix of wildlife reserve, Roman history and...well it is close to the beach and everyone likes a trip to the beach !! Check this link out for more info: http://www.parcosanrossore.org/en/know-the-park/visit-the-park/lake-and-marsh-of-massaciuccoli

The last activity I checked out was a trip into the Abetone mountains right outside of Florence, besides being a beautiful place, I found a world record just waiting to be tested (actually it has been demoted to 2nd place in the Guinness Book...but it was still cool) a Pedestrian suspension bridge. ohhh, and for the parents: free attraction. I did this and the Botanical Garden on the same day. This attached link gives you an idea for an itinerary

Actually I am going to take on another place, my favorite museum in Florence is Palazza Davazanti, it is a building restored to the time frame with authentic furnishing for the bedrooms and kitchens. http://visitflorence.com/florence-museums/palazzo-davanzati.html

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