two days in Florence area

A friend and I are going to be travelling from Rome mid September, spending two days in and around Florence and then travelling to Venice.

I am finding all of the choices rather overwhelming so I hope I can get some advice.

1. Is it better to take the train to Florence and rent a car there rather than try to rent a car on the outskirts of Rome?

2. And if we do rent a car we would looking at taking it to Venice and dropping it off somewhere on the outskirts of the city.

2. We would ideally like to see a few spots in Florence and then go to a villa or apartment in the country side,
Does anyone have any recommendations for this? Would be love to stay at a winery or small farm with separate apartments rather than B&B rooms.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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Florence in September


My suggestion would be to use the train as much as possible - it will cut costs and stess. There is a fast train to Florence from Rome and you can take another train to Venice (both Rome and Venice are two places you do not want to have to deal with a car!)

Two days doesn't give you a lot of time to appreciate the city or the countryside - but you could look at staying at:

You can use public transport to get around or a taxi - and it puts you on an awesome wine estate - giving you the best of Florence and the countryside.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise

PS - I love to take family and friends here for a wine tasting.
Unfortunately it seems that not many wineries with apartments will rent them for just 2 days.
If there are any that you know of that would rent on a shorter time frame we would love to hear about it.