Two nights in between Florence and Elba


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We are a young couple mid 30s and going to Florence in late June for a wedding. We are planning to visit Elba from the 1st-6th of July and we leave Florence on the 29th of June.

We were wondering what are nice cities to visit in June/July in between Florence and Elba for two nights (keeping in mind the summer heat)

Also we want good hotel recommendations for Elba for couples that are well priced and in a good location next to nice beaches.



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Places between Florence & Elba


there are so many great places to see between these two points! But I am just going to suggest two that are a little off the normal tourist map:

Volterra - great location, views, and very Tuscan

Livorno - this is a place that people hardly visit for touristy reasons, but there is so much to offer.

I suggest you read through this article as well, which talks about day trips around San Gimignano - which is between Elba and Florence.

Another article which may offer a few unique suggestions is this one about daytrips around Montecatini, a little spa town between Florence and the coast.

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