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We are staying in Contagnino in Val'd'Orcia for two weeks celebrating my husbands birthday with a group of friends. Please can you give me ideas of wonderful things to do and see. Which is the best vineyard to visit and which little towns are a must.

Also on the odd occasion we may need to hire a mini van with driver as about 14 of us is that possible.

Also any concerts/operas and festivals around end of august / early September.

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Info on Val d'Orcia


I am going to give you some general info on Val d'Orcia - I apologize I wasn't able to find that specific little town on the map, otherwise I would be a bit more detailed with my answer.

In any case as for the concerts, operas and festivals, check out monthly event calendars closer to your departure day. Unfortunately many times in Italy they don't send out updates on the times and days of events until the very very last minute! But the good news is that during the summer, there is ALWAYS something fun going on - and sometimes have the fun is finding it on your own. You want to read through this article for a few pointers on how to find them once you get here.

As for places to visit in that area, have a read of these articles as a base:

Get back to us with more questions - because I am sure as you begin to study you will find there is so much to do!

Buon Viaggio,

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