Vasari Corridor - re-opening date?


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Hello all,

Does anyone know when the Vasari Corridor will re-open?
All I can see across the web is '2018', which is pretty wide open!

We're visiting in April, and I'd love to book for a tour for it. Right now, the few tours I've found say 'external' only.

Thanks very much...


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No news have been given to the public from the Uffizi yet about a possible reopening.

I think, not to be negative but realistic, considering how slow things move here, it will be a miracle if they do reopen by the end of 2018. If I have any inkling that it could be earlier, I will make sure to share. In the meantime, plan for it to not be open and then be pleasantly surprised if it is --- I just don't think it will, not by April.

If you had read some news about the closing and plans for the Corridor: the plan is to open it to EVERYONE and no longer have the Corridor open to just private tours, so there is a lot of work to be done before that happens. And it will not be the same as before, all the portraits and works inside have to be moved elsewhere so space has to be found. Then the Corridor will only have sculpture, pieces of artwork that can withstand changes in temps from cold in winter to hot in summer as the Corridor has no temperature control and it cannot be updated to be added seeing as it is supposed to stay as it was made. I haven't seen or read about any updates on what stage they could be at this point.... for that reason I don't think they are on time.
There are no news about it. The "Passaggio del Principe" (linking the Old Palace with the Uffizi gallery) was open until the previous week and we don't know anything even about it.
In a press conference the Major spoke about a re-opening may be in the end of this year (2018).
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