Villa hotels in Val d'Orcia


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I am travelling to Tuscany for my honeymoon, and for part of our trip I would like to stay in a villa for 2-3 nights in Val d'Orcia. Ideally, it would be nice to stay somewhere not completely remote with a small village and a couple restaurants within walking distance. Does anyone have any recommendations?



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A place to stay in Val d'Orcia


Though maybe not exactly walking distance, I believeyou will find this place to offer the perfect atmosphere for a honeymoon - with great views, delicious wines and the nearby town is Montalcino .... which in my opinion is dreamy. I suggest you give a look at Agriturismo Bartoli Giusti

I also suggest you look at this article about San Giovanni in Poggio written by Lourdes when she stayed there, it is a lovely place with incredible views of Val d'Orcia.

Happy Travels.


Spa in Val d'Orcia


if you are also interested to spend a few hours of relaxation at the spa the Albergo Le Terme in Bagno Vignoni offers wellness center, swimming pools, restaurant and wine bar for tastings.


Authenticity is the real luxury in Tuscany

Hi there! I notice is an old thread, but I would love to answer.
My suggestion for you (and other travelers like you) is to choose a relaxing place with a stunning landscape. I mean, if I was you I will surely look for something authentic. I think authenticity is the real luxury in Tuscany. If you think so my choice would be Villa Ciggiano.

If you love to stay in a little village I suggest Montaione with its charming little and tuscan weekly food market (or Iano di Montaione if possible, I don't know if there are any kind of accommodation there), Montefioralle, Certaldo or Monteriggioni.
If you like almost a little city, the best base city in Tuscany, in my opinion, are Pistoia and Lucca.
Enjoy Tuscany!