Village markets in central Tuscany

Hello, Planning our first trip to Tuscany for around May 2017.
From what I have seen and read so far, I am very excited already.
I have been trying to get an idea on markets, particularly 'peasant' [no offence intended and sincere apologies if this is an offensive term]/ farmers markets in villages in central Tuscany.
I have searched these forums and altho' one gave a link, it turned out to have an unsecure certificate, and in fact was no longer accessible.
Does anyone know where I may obtain current info on this topic please?
Thank you and regards. Greg


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markets in Chianti


Here is a link to a page where you will find days and times for markets in the Chianti most cases (unless otherwise noted) the markets are in the main square of each town. However, the towns are small and you will easily find the markets with a quick look :cool:

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise
Hello Donna

Thank you for replying.
I could not seem to find the link however.
Is there something I have to do to make the link;
Regards Greg
Hello Lourdes

Thanks for the is a great list, and includes some villages where I have already picked out a potential holiday rental.

I appreciate both your is very helpful to have assistance like this.
Kind regards Greg
Hello Riciard

Thank you for taking the time to reply.
Markets are 'our thing'. We see them as a way to observe 'the locals', plus a great way to enjoy local produce. Not only do we buy produce, but we also like to buy clothes, linens, artworks etc.

We have spent a lot of travel time in Provence, but are now really looking forward to seeing Italy, and Tuscany is going to be our first locale.

May I ask a question, of interpretation please?

When you say: "There are too many markets in Tuscany", do you mean, too many to list them all, or do you mean something like; 'because there are so many, each market is somewhat incomplete in terms of a wide cross section of stalls'?

If the latter, do you have any thoughts on which may be the most complete?

I appreciate your time and input.

Regards Greg


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I do think that Riciard meant to say there are too many to list - pretty much every small town/village has their own, no matter how small. They offer fresh produce and household items, and many locals shop there so you should be able to blend in and soak in local life.
Most will have a bit of everything, so that you don't need to go to multiple places to find what you're looking for.

Knowing you want to be in the countryside, if you do come in to Florence, I' suggest you do it on a Tuesday morning and heading to the Cascine to see the city's largest outdoor market there!