Visiting Cortona by train


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I would like to visit Cortona and am not sure whether I can get there by train??

Hello Anthony,

Cortona sits atop a small hill and there is no direct train service into Cortona but you can still get there by train from Florence. Just take the train to the Camucia train station which is just 5 km away and then take the bus to Cortona. The next closest train station is called Terontola (11km away from Cortona) and it also has bus service to Cortona.
Terontola - Rome

We are being dropped at Terontola Station and need to get back to Rome. What can you suggest?:)

Hello Nicky,
Terontola is well connected to Rome through the railway system.

Trains to Rome are frequent and leave regularly.

You can check timetables and prices on the official website of the Italian primary operator of trains here.

Bon voyage! :)