Visiting Tuscany with arranged wine tours???


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Hello All,
We are planning a trip next year and we are undecided about the best approach. We can drive form the netherlands, arrange all our hotels, and then.... We would like a guide to the museums of Florence and entry to some good wineries and recommendations for the best restaurants...... So the other option which we are looking at is an arranged chauffeured tour. we fly in and stop thinking:) More expensive but nice and easy. Any suggestions, recommendation etc., all welcome.
regards and thanks for your time, Alec


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Ciao Alec, and welcome to our forum!

You can definitely do either way, I think it will totally depend on your preference, budget and time you will have available.

If you have at least a whole week, you can drive down, rent a farmhouse apartment for an entire week and just relax by the pool and garden, taking day trips when you feel like it without a specific plan to follow. There are many good wineries all across the region and you can visit ones nearby to where you are staying, as well as find great restaurants in the area.

If instead you have limited time, then the tour approach is a another way to be organize the visit, having someone else get you to places and moving you about with a specific schedule.

As far as the tours, if you have no car, you can use Florence as a base and then take many of the tours to Chianti, Siena, to the wine areas of Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino and Montepulciano - see the wide range here.
If you arrive into Pisa airport rather than to Florence, there are easy trains from the airport to Florence as well as bus services, which take about the same time.

So the question now is do you know how many days you might have?