Visiting with a toddler


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We will be visiting Florence (staying near the train station) at the start of October with our 15 month old toddler. She is very active and we are looking for activities where she can get out of her pushchair and run around. Please could anyone recommend any playgrounds, indoor swimming pools, indoor play areas, baby friendly activities, etc. Thank you.
Ciao! You didn't say when, are you in Florence now? for how long? The main squares such as Piazza della Signoria and Piazza della Repubblica get super crowded but in the smaller one, when there aren't a lot of people, I would take out my own kids and let them run around. There aren't that many playgrounds or gardens right smack in the middle of the center, but ones we like are:
- Garden at Borgo Allegri -
- Piazza d'Azeglio -
- Piazza Indipendenza - a relatively recent addition -

If you're in the Oltrarno area, the Nidiaci garden is a little gem, but it's for locals. They won't turn kids away so let me know how it goes!

As for indoor play areas, there are a few offered by the city for small kids, you have to be present at all times, and they are called "ludoteca". Each area has its own, and they aren't central.... so the closest to the center is the one on via Palazzuolo, 35, called Ludoteca Gianburrasca. It is free! They generally have books, toys, an area where they can jump and play around, a playground and push toys or small push vehicles. My kids loved going to them, especially as it was outside of home.