Walking and Street Safety

Jeff B

New member
Hello, Does anyone have a comment on how safe or unsafe it is to walk especially in the area of the train station? We arrive in daylight and are walking to accommodation 10 minutes away, north along Via della Scala to Viale Belfiore, with luggage. Any comments very much appreciated.


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Florence is a relatively safe city overall, even at night. Just keep to the well lit streets where you see other people as well, avoid the dark alleys ;)

As far as when you arrive, Viale Belfiore is really not that far away so you can definitely get there even with luggage - and, yes, you should be safe walking there. Both streets and that area is well-trafficked between people heading to the train station, catching buses and getting somewhere. It is a major transportation hub for the city so there is always people around. Petty theft thus occur, through... so don't seem distracted or too encumbered with luggage. If you are, better to take the very quick taxi ride to your hotel/B&B.