Wander around Florence



Let's say i did some tours, i finishes or i'm a day free from tours.
I go outside my hotel should i just wander around the city ?
Discover some things or skip some things ?
The city is save at evening/night right ? Is there a closing hour ?

Don't tell too much i love discovering things on my own and hope meeting people, discover some amazing wines, food, shops & souvenirs !! :)

They tell me to always ask the local people where to eat.
Not where the tourist go i try to avoid that..


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Wandering Florence after hours

T get to where the locals go you probably need to go outside of city center - BUT that doesn't mean you can't stay in the city center and not find some wonderful surprises. I just spent a weekend as a tourist in the city of Florence (which is strange for me since I live less than 35 minutes from the Duomo) but it was a delightful experience. Just wandering the small alley ways after 8 pm and checking out the menus which were displayed, chatting with the restaurant staff and testing the atmosphere until I found one that I liked.

I would suggest checking out Le Murate - a unique atmosphere with restaurants, happy hour and sometimes even live music. Another place I love to visit while in the city center is Mostodolce
Via Nazionale, 114 r...the beer is home made and excellent as is the informal atmosphere and the varied menu. Don't let the fact that it is near the train station fool you - it attracts a very varied crowd.

Have Fun!


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As you already tend to do - just walk out and wander around, you will find many hidden corners that way rather than heading to the "must-sees" and focusing on only those ;)

In the evenings and during the summer, there are many people out and about in the center so you will enjoy buskers and shows as well as the sights lit up at night. Most museums close by 7pm but that doesn't mean the city closes down. Dinner time is from 7pm onwards, so most people will be out dining.