Weather in hill villages of Tuscany


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I'm looking for some advice on weather in August in villages north of Lucca. I've been looking at holiday homes in Voldottavo, Vetriano and further north in Chiozza, near Castiglione di Garfagnana. I live in Scotland so having some warmth and sunshine is very important to me on my summer holiday! I've checked Accuweather for monthly averages but I'm not convinced its right. if anyone can give me an idea of temperatures in mid-August around these villages I'd be very grateful.


My cousin always tells tales about extremely good weather in Vetriano where she lives. I was there in summer and it was really sunny. I can say that at least the weather in the region is better than one in Scotland


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In the summer, temps can get high and toasty warm...but the area you are looking at is in the north of Tuscany and in the mountains will have a tendency to get a bit cooler. Especially in the evenings and at night.

Most people look for those areas to escape the "heat" :eek: if you really want warm to hot temps, you might want to look a little bit further down in the valley. Even Val d'Orcia is very nice.

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