Where is it in Chianti ?


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Ciao Alicia,

I, unfortunately, do not know where that place is in that picture in Chianti. The itinerary looks good - are you moving about with train and bus to Pisa, Lucca, Siena?

For Chianti and wine tasting - YES, totally doable but I'd suggest doing it with a guide who can take you to the right spots, determine the roads to take according to your fitness level (and provide assistance by way of a ride back if necessary). Take a look at the ones recommended on here:
The first one has an itinerary that goes to San Gimignano and I do believe includes lunch and tastings as well ;-). Then I am sure you'll see even more beautiful scenes to photograph that even that picture shows!


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Hi Lourdes,

Yup . I am going to travel by train to Lucca in the morning then by train to Pisa in the late afternoon and train back to Florence.
By bus to Siena and back by bus as well to Florence.

Thanks for your advice. I will discuss with my travel companion about it. :D


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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You'll be fine with train and bus for Lucca, Pisa and Siena... but Chianti really would work out better by bike, as you're thinking, or joining a tour so that you don't have to do any driving while doing tastings. The bike companies are pretty good.... they give you a chance to work out the legs as well as enjoy the food and wine - and if needed, catch the van back to Florence ;)