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Spending 3 nights in Florence from the 11/9/14, then 5 nights in Montelpulciano.

Where do you recommend we visit over the 5-6 days in country Tuscany?
Is it possible to visit Greve, Panzano, Castellina.....San Gimingnano,Volterra.....Pierenza,Montalcino, Manciano in this timeframe? Anywhere I have left out?
And is it possible to do so by public transport from Montelpulciano?

We have booked a car from Florence but it's pretty expensive and am starting to think it might be cheaper and a nicer experience to travel by train/bus then get a local driver for 1-2 days to take us to any areas that aren't accessible by public transport.
Could you also please indicate the names of those towns inaccessible by public transport?

Basically we enjoy a nice lunch, a couple of vinos, wine tasting, take in the natural beauty of the region....not so big on the historical side but happy to take a look.

Also is there a bus/train to Montalpulciano from Siena train station?

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I'm sorry to see this particular post got lost in between all the other ones at the beginning of the month when we had do many requests for information :(

Dale - I hope that everything turned out perfectly regardless!


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Timing in Italy

Hello Dale

did you mean you were here in Italy the 11th of September or are you coming into Italy on the 9th of November ? The Europeans invert the day and the month and sometimes it can be a bit confusing...


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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So true Donna! If she hasn't been here yet, we might still be able to offer some tips ;)