Which part of tuscany to stay


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Hi all

Looking to book a 3/4 night honeymoon to Tuscany in October.It seems quite vast and i'm not really sure of which part to stay in ,as it all looks stunning!

A place with an easy route from the airport would probably be good as it is a fairly short break.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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I recommend FLORENCE!

Ciao Dave,

Do you already know which airport you are flying into? Tuscany has two airports, one in Pisa and the other in Florence.

So assuming you fly into Florence, I'd definitely recommend staying in the city. In the heart of the city is very romantic since it is your honeymoon - a place that automatically comes into mind is La Casa del Garbo which faces onto Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio. They even have a special for 3 night honeymoons, make sure to check their website out.

Otherwise another romantic location is in the hills overlooking Florence. For example, on Pian dei Giullari I've been to www.villaigiullari.it which is a small b&b. It offers a bit more privacy and more quiet as it is surrounded by a large garden and overlooks the hills dotted with olive groves. It is still just minutes away from all of the Florence sights so you get the advantage of being close to the city, but not in the city.

If you are flying into Pisa, I recommend you visit Pisa and climb the Leaning Tower (incredible sensation climbing a leaning building).... and then I recommend you hop on a train and stay in Florence for the honeymoon. Florence is just 1 hour train ride from the Pisa airport and you arrive directly into Florence's historical center.

If you've never been to Florence before, on such a short trip it is best if you see Florence and a few of the surroundings. For example, from Florence you can go on an organized day trip to Chianti (it is just south of the city) to do some wine tasting and see a bit of the Tuscan countryside... and you can see more of Tuscany on a future trip when you have more time and are not in a hurry to get from one place to the next (a car rental is almost always necessary to see some areas of Tuscany in any case).

Hope these suggestions are helpful. Maybe someone else will pitch in and offer more recommendations.
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