Why none of the museums in Florence has tickets for September 3?


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On a business trip to Italy and I arranged to spend one day in Florence, Sunday, September 3, and wanted to reserve tickets, but none of the big museums - nor Uffizi, nor Accademia, nor Palazzo Vecchio, none - has thickets available specifically for that date, although according to their general schedule, it's a regular day (not off). Could not get tickets on the museums' websites, nor even through the tour websites, like Viator or Tripadvice. Is there a holiday day in Florence?
Yep, it is the first Sunday of the month and entrance is free for everyone at all STATE museums (Uffizi and Accademia) and for local city residents to the CITY museums (Palazzo Vecchio). If you're here only that one day, choose the one museum you must absolutely visit and start with that one: you'll need to get there as early as you can and just wait in line with everyone else. On these free museum days, no tickets are sold ahead of time and everyone has to get in line. If you have the whole day, another strategy is to go at mealtimes and closer to the end of the day, as those are in general times when there are often less people.