Wine Tasting in Chianti and nearby Region


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Hi Lourdes,

I have read your blog and am getting loads of valuable information.

My husband and I will be travelling to Milan with our daughter in February for 2 weeks. We are planning on staying in Milan for our first 2 days of arrival.

Our plan is to visit Florence, the Tuscan countryside, indulge in wine tasting and head to Rome, then return back to Milan the evening before we head back home.

I have two thoughts: a) Make Florence our base for 6 nights - first 3 days see as much as we can in Florence, then take train/bus or hire a car and see the Tuscan countryside and wine tasting. We would like to see as much as we can in the country, enjoy the wines and food ( Italian Food is one of our favourite cuisine and love eating local).

b). Stay 3 nights in Florence and then hire a car and head to the countryside and do things at our leisure and stay 3 nights in the area. We'll then head to Rome. We do not want to bring the hire car to Rome.

My questions: What are your thoughts on the two options? Can you pass on suggestions, can you suggest better itinerary? Recommendations of places to stay in Florence and the countryside would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!


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some toughts


I'm not Lourdes but heres some toughts.

Both options are possible if you are planning to rent a car. Option b cuts some of your travel time each day and after 3 days you will have had enough of Florence and would be ready for a change.
I would advise planning a full day for wine tasting and farm visits and a separate one for medieval cities visits, and booking some sort of wine tour. If you are driving, anything after the first glass would make it illegal to drive.
If you are wine/food enthusiasts i would even do 2 days in Florence and 4 days in the countryside, Florence is small and altough you can find good food/wine there, there's alot more of it everywhere alse.


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Ciao Zorah and Leonardo!

I agree with Leonardo and his thoughts, particularly on cutting travel time after you feel you're done with Florence and wanting to spend more time in the countryside. Also, a car in Florence isn't optimal, as you'll have to worry about the ZTL and parking. So I vote for plan B and head out of Florence.

I would still do 3 nights in Florence - because if you do want to join in on a wine tour, most start in Florence (or Siena). Take a look at the selection found here:
Of course, if you do private tours, you can organize them from outside of Florence too.

Good base for the other 3 days would be anywhere between Florence and Siena, principally the Chianti area (which is quite wide). San Gimignano, San Donato in Poggio, Castellina -- all are good bases because also close to the Firenze-Siena road that makes travel times a little faster, although you will also enjoy the smaller roads all around the region that give fantastic views!