Wine tour 2019


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We are 3 men who have long dreamed of going on a wine trip to Tuscany. By 2019 it will be the year in which it happens. In this regard, we need some good advice.

When in the year would you recommend going to Toscany?

And are there places to stay away from and places we must see?

We have considered flying to Rome and drive from there to Florence. Does it make sense?

Hope someone can help us.

Thanks for the help.
I am sure you can make 2019 your year to come visit Tuscany and enjoy a fine wine tour of the region!

Yes, you can most definitely fly into Rome and then drive up toward Tuscany -- maybe not directly to Florence and instead start your wine tour as you reach Tuscany by first visiting and staying in the Val d'Orcia area where you can visit wineries and do tastings of the Montepulciano wines, the Val d'Orcia wines, the Brunello di Montalcino wines.

More info on the wine roads mentioned above:

Then as you make your way north, you can also enjoy the Chianti wine area as well as San Gimignano Vernaccia.

Here are more wine areas across the region:

You can end up in Florence by the end of your time and drop off the car and just spend your last days in Florence, fully enjoying the city.

As far as when is the best time, anytime from April onward is great as far as weather goes - I'd try to avoid August as it is the high/busiest season and rates go up on everything, and it gets warm to be out all day. Other than that, you'll see when you can take vacation days to make it work!

There are no places I'd recommend to stay away from -- and definitely there are more places to see than you will have time for.
Take a look at some suggested itineraries here: