Wineries and Sights open throughout Tuscany mid-late December?


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Hello, we are planning to be in Tuscany Dec 14-27, and we have some flexibility with out schedule. The current plan is to arrive in Florence (by train), spend one night, then pick up rental car and explore with stops in Siena/Montepulciano/Volterra/Lucca, back to Florence for Dec 23-27. Will wineries/shops/restaurants be open? What is the best way to find out about holiday hours? Is this a reasonable period of time to explore the smaller towns or should we return to Florence sooner?
I work in the wine industry and am very excited to visit wineries! However, we are travelers who love to get to know the local community and have more "small town" experiences off the beaten path, especially when they involve good food and delightful conversation. I welcome any suggestions!
Yes, most definitely everything is open. The only thing is that Tuscany and wine areas in general are definitely quieter and some wineries do close to the public, opening only on advance booking. So while you're in Tuscany, do try to figure out if you want to make specific stops at wineries or restaurants and find out in advance their hours. Otherwise you'll have to go with what you find that is open, which is also fine.
Best way is to search online for the official websites, make direct contact to let them know you're interested in visiting and booking ahead if needed. All the small towns have locals so while it will be quieter as far as tourists go, it is the holiday and everyone will be out shopping for the holiday period, enjoying any outdoor markets or events. We hope, at least, most things will be back to normal this winter!!