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Wineries near Radda


There are lots of places that have a restaurant / winery combination. One place that I just love going to is Dievole. The presentation is a bit theatrical but the food, the scenery and yes the wine were great.

It is about 13 km south of Radda in Chianti.

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Keep in mind that wineries that have a restaurant generally are large estates (like Dievole recommended by Donna). You will find many wineries around Radda and in Chianti without a restaurant, many restaurants not tied to wineries, many estates offering hospitality and not a restaurant.

Near Radda, the only one that comes to mind and that I was able to also find online was Volpaia which also has an Osteria - It is basically an entire medieval hamlet at the top of a hill surrounded by vineyards.

The next closest is Castello di Ama:

Closer to Gaiole (keep in mind that they are actually really close), you'll find Castello di Meleto but they only have an enoteca where you can do wine tastings - and Castello di Spaltenna, a castle turned resort with restaurant -

In Radda itself, you also have the Casa del Chianti Classico, the wine region's wine consortium housed in a renovated convent where you will find ALL of the wines with Chianti Classico labels and they have a small terrace where you can enjoy wine tastings and light meals in their bistrot (so not really a restaurant). It will keep you in Radda, and the view on the vineyards of Coltibuono is great ;-)