Wording of the reduced rate for 18-25 year olds

Kay N

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Hello Discover Tuscany!

My boyfriend and I are travelling to Florence this week (very excited!) and are just in the process of booking our tickets for the 'big' museums/galleries. We opted not to get the Firenze card because we're in Florence for 5 days so it seemed a little unnecessary to cram everything in to three days.

However, we've hit a snag in the booking process! My boyfriend is currently 25 and an EU citizen, does that make him eligible for the reduced rate? The b-ticket website states 'between 18-25 years old' is accepted, but does this mean under 26 or under 25?

I already booked our tickets for the Uffizi before this thought occurred to me, does anyone have any experience of needing to change tickets at the office? If we've bought the wrong thing, are we able to just pay a little more on the day?

Thanks in advance!

Kay N

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Just an update...

I received a reply from the Bassilichi team and 25 years old IS included in the reduced rate.

So if anyone else was wondering, there it is confirmed :)