ZTL July 2023


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Thanks for this forum and help to us travelers! As we are blessed to return to Florence, this time we arrive by car from Montepulciano.
Cannot understand the ZTL time-to-avoid for Friday 28July. We need to drop off luggage near corner of Borgo Pinti and Via di Mezzo during ZTL allowance.

I plan to park car in
Parcheggio Coop Ponte a Greve, off Viale Nenni then take tram stop "Nenni-Torregalli" back into
Alamanni - Stazione Santa Maria Novella.
I want to maximize my time in Montepulciano so forecast to enter Florence corner of Borgo Pinti and Via di Mezzo about 9pm.
Will it be safe to park 9pm at Parcheggio Coop Ponte a Greve, and ride Tram back around 9pm? Please advise. thanks
Ciao lunadimiele25 and welcome to the forum! Glad you found us and are finding the info useful, particularly the info on the ZTL. Very glad you found us before you arrived and not after!

Have you already read my article on the ZTL? make sure to read it over: https://www.visitflorence.com/tourist-info/driving-in-florence-ztl-zone.html

End of July means that there are the summer hours for the ZTL - which fortunately for you, since you plan to arrive at 9pm, you are in the block of time when the ZTL is open and you can drive in to drop off your luggage! On Fridays during the summer, the ZTL is deactivated between 8pm and 11pm, then reactivated from 11pm to 3am Saturday morning. So I imagine you'll need to also plan for when you leave, if once again you have luggage to pick up. You don't mention what day you leave but that article has the times when ZTL is active and you cannot enter.

As far as safety, most definitely you will be fine at that hour. Like mentioned in that article, the reason for the summer ZTL is because on those evenings lots of people are out and about. Lots of people take the tram until is closes at 1am so you will have people around. As for the car, don't leave any valuables inside and don't park it too far from the stores, you don't want it to stand out as being there on its own.

Let me know if you have any other questions! Hope you find the info on the website useful.