ZTL/Problem with the rental car agency


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Hi All,

Need your help please. I rented a car at Avis agency in Firenze this summer and we was obliged to pass through a ZTL area to get back to the agency (via Borgo Ognissanti). We tried at least 30minutes and even more to find different streets that aren’t in the ZTL area to return the car but it was impossible.

Prior to enter into the ZTL area, we called the Avis agency to warn them that we will go through a ZTL area and they told us it would be ok. Once arrived at the Avis agency, they asked us to fill up a form with the information of the car and the time at which we went into the ZTL area, in order to avoid the fine they said.

Few months later, we have received the fine at home with an additional Avis fees for it (150 Euros in total!).

We have been trying to find the copy of the form we filled up but unfortunately I think we lost it. Does someone have the copy of his own form please ? Or does someone know what it looks like ? It would be very helpful for me in order to show to the Agency that they commits to let us enter into the ZTL without fine.

Thanks a lot in advance!


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This is a very hard request to answer -- I would suggest to keep looking through any papers you have from your holidays and see if you can find it, making sure to contest the fine as well as request refund from Avis for the administrative fees.

Techinically, the AVIS car rental on Borgo Ognissanti is NOT WITHIN the ZTL area so you could have reached them without going through the ZTL. But if they said they would put you on the white list and you did fill out a form there, then they should have done so.
I hope you can get the matter settled, although be prepared for it to take a while.