Public Transport to Mugello Race track


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Hi can you please tell me if tickets can be bought for Sunday only, as we are in the area and would love to go. Sorry for very short notice.


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Mugello 2014

Many thanks for help with getting to mugello this year 2014.
However for people to learn from us,,,,,,
We did choose the train from Florence, 07.30 approx ( this was the easy bit) to San Piero in sieve , which is more like a 6 km walk to track, little too far to walk. I thought if being 3km we could of walked.
The other station is probably nearer and better.

However on the Sunday,,,,, one bus waiting at station which got filled up ASAP.
So, a lot of people waiting patiently, still to get to the track and not knowing what to do.

A few mini van taxis did turn up, 5 euros each person, little bit of a race and speed to get a seat. Some may of Been unofficial.

Not half enough spaces for all. It was by luck that we did get a space after trying for probably 30mins and just hoping.
I just wish there was general info to tell the public.

Few people walked and tried to hitch , but little general traffic was around on a Sunday.
We were just relieved to get taken to the track to see the warm ups.

We had a great day,,,,,,, but didn't really think about getting home .
At The end of the day,, no buses, no taxis available near the gates at the end and no traffic able to get through. Taxi phone numbers on side, of no use. Police wouldn't let them in anyway.
Very hot day!!!

No choice but to start walking.
I would advise you book a taxi for a certain time before the race finishes, they may get in early and wait??!
Again by luck, we walked for 30mins and near a junction , with luck a mini bus going to the other train station was there and we jumped on it. This was a small bus, we were lucky, we just started walking to the nearest village with hope of getting a taxi.

Many drove and parked on sides of roads,, I would defiantly recommend driving next time.

Races were fab, but transport another story.


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Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us!

It is really disappointing to hear that the race track does not coordinate better with local transportation to provide easier access to the track on those 3 days and leaves spectators to figure out how to get there and back on their own :(.

I can confirm, arriving by train to San Piero a Sieve you are further away from the race track than if you go to Borgo San Lorenzo.

Although driving there does sound like the best alternative, there ends up being too many of them and traffic can be crazy! Maybe then the best alternative is to wait a bit before leaving... and arriving really early.

Thank you again for sharing - this thread is read by MANY every year so the info shared on here really is very important and useful!


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transportaion from Borgo san lorenzo to Scarperia/mugello circuit


I am going to arrive for the race day only (31.5, sunday).
I plan to take the train from Firenze to Borgo.
If I understand correctly, AMV buses will not be operating on sunday. How then could I reach the race track from Borgo?

Thanks in advance.


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Ronta to Mugello race track

Bongiorno & good morning. I am planning to attend the MotoGp races in 2019. I am staying at a B & B in Ronta, wondering if it is possible to walk to the circuit from there? I don't speak Italian, luckily for me my hosts speak English. I will ask them as well. Arriving at Ronta on the Thursday so should have time to work something out. I have read some advice on this forum, any other advice is welcome. Thank you & grazie Steve.


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Walking to the tracks


what I see on the map shows about 11 - 15 km depending on the trail you decide to take. Personally, I don't know if this is really feasible - and I love to walk, especially because the Mugello area is fabulous! However, your host may be able to give you a few pointers of how to get closer and reduce the walk, and find easy parking.

Do be careful to park in only well-marked areas, you wouldn't want to get a ticket because you parked in an area which is off limits.

Have a look at this article, it may provide a few pointers for the race track:

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise

Steve Reddy

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Grazie Donna Denise, thank you.

Buongiorno Donna Denise.
Grazie. I think I will be able to use the train, Buses & taxi for Friday, Saturday & Sunday morning.
Wondering if walking is a possibility just in case Sunday after the races is a challenge.
Different maps give me only a rough indication so thanks for some real figures, 11 - 15 km is possible.
I could walk that far if I had to, no problem. Walking is plan B or C. I will know more once I reach Tuscany.
Also wondering if there is a gate that gives me a shorter walk. Will look around on Friday & Saturday.
I have looked at this article, it does provide many pointers for the race track, thanks Donna Denise.

Grazie mille Donna Denise and discovertuscany